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FlowerPedia 2.2 Out Now!

The world's most exotic app gets better.

As featured on FOX News, The Times (UK), urbanbike (France) and the App Store's "What's Hot".

Indulge your senses and your intellect

The vast FlowerPedia database brings you over 2800 flower photos and information covering over 830 genera in 140 flowering plant families, together representing over 150,000 species.

Flower sharing community

Found a beautiful flower on your daily walk? Share its location with your friends using FlowerPedia's new flower-sharing community! Discover flowers around your neighborhood spotted by others! Follow your friends and comment on their flowers!

Search by country and state
The new search lets you find flowers resident in a particular country. For example, you could find the flowers of France or even Antarctica. The search also lets you specify the state/province when searching within USA/Canada.

Rate Photos  

Rate each photo according to your own taste, like you would songs in your music collection! With FlowerPedia you can browse photos by rating.

Email and backgrounds

Email flowers to your loved ones to brighten their day! Each of the beautiful flower photos can be saved to your phone for use as backgrounds, or as a kind gesture in emails to your friends & family.

Flower encyclopedia

Tap the "Flower" button on any photo to be presented with information about the flower:
- a map of the flower's geographic distribution
- photos of the flower's relatives
- the flower Genus name (common and Latin)
- the flower Family name (common and Latin)
- its identifying features
- a list of related species
- information on edibility

Note, serious botanists be advised that FlowerPedia aims to enlighten casual lovers of flowers, using minimal botanical jargon. While accurate, it is not a scientific encyclopedia. 

Flower identification helper

Do you have trouble identifying flowers? It isn't yet possible to automagically identify a flower from a photo alone, but you can now do the next best thing: identify flowers based on a few simple parts of their anatomy, such as sepals, petals and stamens. It's clever, fun - and fully explained in the app's Help section! FlowerPedia helps identify flowers down to the genus level (a group of closely related species). 

No internet connection required

You can browse FlowerPedia's entire flower database anywhere: even when you're out hiking, bushwalking, trekking or sitting comfortably in an airplane, because it does not require a network connection. The database, including all photos of flowers are included in the application. 

Editions of FlowerPedia

There are 2 editions of FlowerPedia:

FlowerPedia Lite - a great flower slideshow and collection of wallpapers:
  • Flower-sharing community
  • 100 beautiful flower photos
  • Flower names
  • Information about the flower family 

FlowerPedia - for flower enthusiasts:
  • Flower-sharing community
  • Over 2800 beautiful flower photos
  • Extensive information about each flower
  • Comprehensive flower search by common name, Latin name, country and state/province
  • Flower Identification Wizard (identify flowers by their anatomy) 

FlowerPedia has been featured on: 
FOX News (USA) 
urbanbike (France)
Columbus Dispatch (USA) 
Pittsburgh Tribune (USA) 
St Louis Post-Dispatch (USA)
What's Hot - Apple App Store 

Here is a review of the old FlowerPedia on FOX News (it's changed a lot since!)