Girlfriend-O-Meter - iPhone and iPod Touch Application

How good a girlfriend are you in his eyes?

Let's face it: guys are a mystery and sometimes it's impossible to tell what you're doing right and what you're doing wrong! Find out by taking this fun quiz with questions from relationship experts and our male panel!

Do you play "hard to get"?

Do you give him a little kiss or hold his arm in front of his friends?

Have you ever taken him out to dinner?

What would you do on a bad date?

How does he rate you?

Based on your honest answers to the insightful, yet fun, questions from relationship experts and our male panel, you're sure to know how he sees you. 

Compare with friends!

Share your score with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Get them to take the test and compare scores! Who is the best Girlfriend of them all?

Setup your friends!

Rig the score using the "Setup a friend" option and give the quiz to a friend. They will get whatever score you setup for them, all the way to "AWESOME GIRLFRIEND"!

Poke fun on Facebook and Twitter!

Post your friends' rigged scores on Facebook and Twitter for extra hilarity and mayhem!

If you liked the moron test, you will love this app!