Snob-O-Meter - iPhone and iPod Touch Application

How many of these questions would you answer "yes"?

  • Do you have Facebook friends who aren't real friends?
  • Do you Tweet about mundane stuff that nobody cares about?
  • At work, do you use buzzwords like "going forward" and "synergies"?
  • When driving, do you tailgate others unprovoked?
  • Are you a lawyer?

If you answered yes more than once there is a good chance you are a snob!

But just how much of a snob are you?

Run through this cheeky and fun quiz to find your exact Snob-O-Meter score!

Compare with friends!

Share your score shamelessly with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Get them to take the test and compare scores! Who is the biggest snob of them all?

Setup your friends!

Rig the score using the "Setup a friend" option and give the quiz to a friend. They will get whatever score you setup for them, all the way to "OFF THE SCALE"!

Poke fun!

Post your friends' rigged scores on Facebook and Twitter for extra hilarity and mayhem!